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The Preaching that is

Commissioned by God 

First, we learn much about what it should be when we consider what it should not be from God's perspective.

What it is not

It is important to remember that the sermon essentially reflects the preacher. (Matt 12:34b)


A sermon of a certain number of points carefully constructed to keep in line with the user-friendly philosophy and approach of most of the churches around looking simply to add members and not build up the souls in the most holy faith (Jude v. 20).

 A sermon with humor that detracts from or effectively cancels out every bit of reverence conveyed by the reading or quoting of the passages of the Living Word, the Holy Bible. Using humor and stories it leads people towards or further into gluttony and immorality, albeit most of the time in subtle ways.

 A sermon that is politically correct and always goes with whichever way the wind blows for fear of opposition and persecution.

 A sermon that does not encourage its hearers to have a love for God and a love and a burden for souls and that leads people to expect and actually catch "fish" when they give out the gospel. Instead a fatalistic, satanic philosophy that states even if no souls are saved year after year that its ok, is promoted.

A sermon that is devoid of warnings to the flock of false teachers and damnable heresies for fear of offending and losing members of the flock who love the sensational, immoral, money hungry media stars and perverters of the truth.

 A sermon that falls short of proclaiming victory in Christ and that never shows people how to obtain it or if it does then it is all a "positive" message encouraging people to praise God for all His blessings with no message about rooting out any known sin in the life and no mention or clear declaration of denying oneself, carrying his/her cross and following the Lord Jesus.

 A sermon that weighs down heavily on flock by imposing legalistic, man-made rules and makes this more than the Word of God and the truth about living in love, faith and righteousness.

 A sermon that calls living a holy life separated from the perverted world too legalistic and basically teaches people to do what they think is best for them, a perverted pragmatic approach to the Christian life.

 A sermon that continually brings in other sources outside of the Bible and Christian History and Christian Biography in order to validate or subtly discount the Truth of the Bible and leads people to Christianize the culture and participate in worldly entertainment of various sorts (latest New York Times best-seller, new movies, DVD etc.) as long it is not too outlandish. (2 Pet 2:18,19)

 They keep themselves and the people in darkness and promote a "a form of godliness without the power" (2 Tim 3:5) by recycling the satanic clich's such as "we are a family and there will always be problems" or "we are not perfect because if we were we would not be here on earth we would be in Heaven" or "we will always sin because we are in this body of flesh still" and "if you sin there's forgiveness because God is a loving God" never mentioning the absolute requirement from the Word of God for repentance from sin as a condition for forgiveness and so on. They also do not believe and prevent people from truly believing God for healing, answers to prayer etc. by always saying the "God knows best and if He doesn't give you something then it wasn't good for you anyway" never leading people to examine themselves to see whether they asked for something that was clearly prohibited in the Word of God or promised and in the will of God in the first place (1 John 5:14,15) whether their motives were right (James 4:3), whether they exercised true faith or not (Mark 11:23-24, James 1:6-8) whether they are walking in obedience or not (Psalm 66:18, 1 John 3:22)  

What it should be

True preaching that is commissioned by the Lord will have the following 3 characteristics:

 A Deep Reverence and Humility There will be a sense of deep reverence for God and His Holy Word, His commands, promises, warnings, justice etc. as one speaking the very oracles of God and as God's mouthpiece! There will be a Spirit anointed disposition in the preacher manifest in a humble, holy sobriety, fervency and joy spiritually balanced in the delivery as well as in the Message of God (1 Pet 4:11, Eph 6:19, Acts 15:7Acts 20: 24, 31, 26:25, 1Cor 2:3, 9:27, 1 Thes 1:5, 6, 2 Tim 4:2, 5, Rom 14:17, 32)

 A Holy and Loving Motive There will be conveyed in and through the preacher the absolute need for the abiding motivation of love for God manifest in an all-consuming desire to live holy and blameless lives in Christ. There will be the love of God encouraged in the people in a sincere burden for souls and a continual adding to the church in depth and breadth, qualitatively and quantitatively as long as one can work before, "the night cometh." (Eph 1:4, Col 3:12, Rom 10:14-15, 13:8, Matt 5:44, 22:37-40, 2 Tim 4:2, 5, 2 Cor 5:14, Acts 2:41, 47, 5:14, 11:24)

  The Word of God as the Only Content Preaching only Truth as it is in Jesus means a faithful and complete declaration of God's salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, the Power of the Holy Spirit made available to live an overcoming and victorious life in this present evil world, the purifying effect of looking diligently for the Lord's return and the establishing of His kingdom on earth etc. The Word of God is adhered to strictly and illustrations from life and the culture are used wisely, prayerfully, and sparingly such as when giving testimony.

This includes a total expose of the various specific strategies of Satan to destroy those living apart from God, those souls coming to God, those who have known God's love and power but are walking after the flesh and compromising here and there and those walking in the Spirit. A tearing down of false doctrines (Jer. 1:10) must be thoroughly accomplished and then the foundations of Truth laid down accurately; the first principles of Christ and then going on to perfection: abiding in the Vine the Lord Jesus Christ, of the importance of reading and meditating in the Word and of fervent, faith-filled and continual prayer, the seeking of and the operation of the gifts of the Spirit resulting in revival, deliverance and healing of the oppressed, the Blessed Hope and Bliss of eternal dwelling with the Living God etc. (Heb 5:12, 6:1, Tit 2:12, 13 2 Tim 4:8, 1 Cor 2:13, Eph 1:4, 5:27, Col 1:22, 28, Acts 20:31, 1 Cor 1:18, 23 2 Cor 7:4, Mark 11:23-24, 1 Tim 4:13, Matt 6:6, Phil 4:6-8, Tim 4:2, 5, 1 Thes 4:17, Rev 21:3, 22:4, 5)

Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you to pray for those ministers including pastors, evangelists, missionaries etc., who are striving to please in their personal lives as well as in their ministries - that they would remain faithful to the Lord to the very end.

If indeed, your church embraces the truth as delineated above and your pastor truly fears the Lord as evidenced by his adherence to the truths mentioned herein, highly esteeming God's Word, then praise the Lord! What a great blessing!

However, if you are not hearing preaching commissioned by God in your church or on the radio or printed word, etc. then pray, dear friend with a deep burden continually and in faith for God to raise up such preachers that are devoted to His fear and who will faithfully proclaim His Word.

Yes, why not pray that God would raise you up and use you to be such a faithful person who will turn many back to the Heart of the Father in these last days?

"Walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto His kingdom and glory."


© 2007 Pastor Pradeep Emmanuel Stephen

[Permission is granted to duplicate this article in its entirety, but only without additions, alterations or omissions of any kind, including the author and ministry name at the end.]