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So Many Defenceless Victims

So Many Defenseless Victims of Neglect and Violence
So Who Cares?...We Should!

We glance at the newspaper or scan the news channels on our radio or on our television and we can't seem to avoid the continual stream of information regarding the latest brutality committed against humanity by humanity. Elderly parents neglected and deprived of food. Some even beaten by their own children and killed. Infants, toddlers and even older children beaten, tied up and starved and/or smothered and murdered by the same hands that first cradled them. Some reported in the mainstream media were mercilessly slaughtered until the brains literally oozed out of the skull. Others were maimed for life from the crib. Some were forcibly drowned by their own mother. Evil seems to know no bounds in our land as little girls are sexually abused and sold for prostitution. Then there are the horrible abortions performed even as late as the trimester stage on the operating tables of, "professionals" who are well paid and highly honoured by a society that has lost all sense of human feeling. Spouses murdered out of satanic rage. And on and on and on ...
These are not the figment of some murder mystery author’s imagination. They could well be. However, this is the shocking, cold reality of our generation!

We don't like to hear it. It is indeed a shock to most who would call themselves Christians. To some who have had their conscience deadened, however, it becomes, "old hat." Bizarre and merciless slaughter of otherwise trusting family members (especially the defenceless ones) are turning up more and more as history rushes toward a turbulent close and unavoidable judgment by a Holy and Just God.

For now, the drama of savage carnage particularly in the family unit (of all places), continues. So, who cares? Apparently, if the world did, much of this would be prevented. Though sin is a fact of this fallen race, yet through the intervention of compassionate individuals who would invest their time in others' lives, perhaps many would be diverted from a barbaric existence. But not too many care, do they? We are selfish creatures by nature. It takes the mercy of God in our stone cold hearts to even cause us to make a little sacrifice of our time or money or energy or prayers in the hopes of reaching out to such victims of outrageous acts of violence.

So, who cares? We should! We who bear the Holy Name of Jesus Christ must not only be grieved at the hearing of horrible tragedies like the ones mentioned above, but must act on the impulse of love. Faith without works is dead says the inspired writer, James in his epistle. We are not to sit back and watch the drama of human suffering without doing what is in our power to help those who cannot defend themselves. If we do, then our Christianity is a lifeless religion and one that is detestable to the Coming King! So much so that He will spew us out of His mouth one day!

A rapidly, deteriorating and sick society. Who cares? Who cares enough to help, that is? Cares enough to pray for and/or visit victims who survive. Enough to make it their business to counsel those who are at risk of being victimized where possible and also counsel (where possible) those who are prone to commit such unimaginable crimes?

Who among us, "Christ-followers" cares enough to teach and disciple as many people as the Lord leads us to, sacrificing our personal pleasures so that more godliness can cove the land and less unspeakable crimes such as these would manifest in our towns and cities and countries?

What are you and I doing today with the abilities and resources that we have been entrusted with by a Holy and All-seeing, Righteous Judge? Are we simply storing up faith promises for ourselves while developing spiritual myopia as we neglect our duty to our fellow man?

Now, it is imperative that we do all that God commands us to do in order to edify and build our inner man so as to mature in Christ. It is essential that we absorb all of the wonderful promises of Scripture, all of the worshipful songs we can learn, take advantage of all of the God-sent opportunities to gather together with other believers for the purpose of faithful prayer and receiving teaching by anointed servants of God. And yet, if I do all the above but fail to keep my conscience tender and clear and meet the urgent cries for help from innocent victims around me with tangible assistance, I am simply a professor of religion at best, just like the Pharisees. Oh, to be certain I may be giving my money here and there for various causes but I won't bear down and tread the self-sacrificial and risky road that the world will not travel, so that some of the down-trodden can be salvaged out of harms way and brought to the foot of the Old Rugged Cross where they may Eternally washed by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. No, I must be willing to go where others will not so that some may be saved! This is what Jesus desires of us. A genuine willingness to go where He sends us so that people may be saved from all kinds of atrocities especially the horror of an Eternal, fiery and torturous prison called Hell.

True Christianity is not simply some dazzling, display of sympathy or an easy contribution of a few dollars to the needy. It is much more than that. A child of Jesus filled with His Gigantic Love embarks at once on a total mobilization of everything at his or her disposal by way of talent, time and treasure so as to become a shining light beaming Jesus' love on the darkest moments of his/her fellow human beings lives.

Our call to arms is the call to carry the gospel by way of literally sharing the Holy Scriptures concerning God's Son, Jesus Christ and His Atoning Death on the Cross and subsequent Resurrection etc. However, the flip side of that coin is to live out the Gospel following the Lord's example by bearing other's burdens, especially those of the weak ones. How is that done?

We must not close our eyes to the world around us but must be continually praying for wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit that we may minister in the precise needy situation He wants us to serve in today.

It may mean joining other Christians in bringing awareness of the rising abuse of children in families today.

It may be counselling victims of spousal domestic violence. Sharing the comforting Word of God's faithful promises.

Or even being part of a team that rushes such needy victims to the emergency rooms etc. while interceding before the Throne of the Father on their behalf.

Ministry in true, Christ-like fashion may mean working to rescue the little girls that are kidnapped or bought from poverty-stricken, heathen families and turned over to the abomination of prostitution.

Or perhaps, God would have you to be the one that visits the elderly (especially the neglected and abused) either in person or with letters of compassion and encouragement.

The Love of God may constrain you to be that prayer warrior who cries out to the Lord at set times each day for the express purpose of intercession for such victims in your family, town, city, province, state, country, continent, world.

Do you care enough like Jesus did, so that you will rise today to defend the innocent ones made in the Image of God Almighty, before another one falls victim to satanic and senseless, brutality? Will you stand in the gap? Will you be the one to prevent yet, qnother senseless tragedy? You and I can and we must (in the sphere that His Holy Spirit directs us to) if we are to be worthy to called by that Name of Infinite Love and Power, Jesus. All of the love of God in our souls must be evidenced by action for the good of our neighbors. Caring is manifested by sharing from the heart, of all that has been given to us by the Lord. A total sharing of all that may be utilized for the salvation of our fellow man both in physical terms (as much as possible) and (more importantly) in spiritual terms.

Remember, the Scripture warns us, "Faith without works is dead!"


© 2010 Pastor Pradeep Emmanuel Stephen

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