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Faulty Perspective #1 – Fear-filled Defeatism

Murder, Rape, Extortion, Child Abductions, Perjury, Suicide, Adultery, Abortion etc.  Everyday, for every story containing these unpleasant news stories, there are many that are not reported.  Day after day of hearing these tragic, seemingly senseless events can make a professing believer, want to run or escape from this world.  The world is definitely on the verge of terrible destruction.  Where human life is cheap, how can humanity hope to survive? One can get heavily burdened and fearful and adopt a very negative, pessimistic outlook being constantly exposed to these things, even as a Christian.

Faulty Perspective #2 – Faulty Dominion Theology

Conquering for Jesus, we are going to take over the world for Jesus; all the businesses, all the political seats, all the sports events, etc.  Nothing can stop us as we take over the world for Jesus and hand it to Him at His return! One can have a very false, self-confident, ill informed, proud, unscriptural, blind, “Word of Faith” teaching type of mentality and think and preach Dominion Theology (physically taking over the world) which has little or no emphasis on the Cross, true compassion or the True Prophecies of the End times. A superficial revival is often paraded by these folk on a continual basis but no change can be seen in society as a result.

Faulty Perspective #3 – Frivolous Indifference

Indifference. I cannot get involved because I do not want any trouble. I’ve got to protect my own little world.  As long as my family, my friends, my church, my hobbies etc., are safe, then I will just shake my head, saying, “Tsk, tsk, what a shame and a pity!” at the constant barrage of tragic news and keep on living my life without “interfering” with the world. I like to say my prayers at night, read a portion of my Bible, watch a little sermon on T.V. and after milk and cookies get my beauty sleep. All while the world is dying, but then, that’s their own fault, right?

Correct Perspective – Faithful Endurance, Loving Expression, Joyful Expectation

What is the right, Biblical position?

Acknowledge the evil that exists but continue to endure in doing good.  Preach holiness and live righteously while lamenting the horrible downward spiral of an increasingly godless society.  Have righteous indignation over the wicked and their actions and certainly protest as the Holy Spirit leads. Live separate from the world and endure the persecution that must come to all that will live godly in Christ Jesus.

Yet, pray even for the enemies for their repentance if peradventure God grants it to them (that is if they have not already finally rejected it sealing their own doom). Grieve for the victims of abuse and tragedies and lovingly minister to them spiritually and physically where possible. Genuinely weep with those who weep.

Rejoice because our Redemption draws nigh!  Be filled with joy knowing the Lord’s promises regarding a new heavens and a new earth is soon to be fulfilled. Yet, pray (even in this perverse generation) for a mighty revival through repentance! Believing God, intercede for family, friends, neighborhoods, and cities and for the countries of the world.  Have faith in God to make you an instrument of genuine revival whereby your hearers turn from their wicked, self-serving ways and do God’s Will in loving Him and their neighbors as they love themselves. Then crime will automatically drop. Injustices would quickly be eliminated.

Does this sound like a vain wish? Do we limit God? Shall we continue to, “stagnate in the status quo?”  Or shall we believe God to do what He wants to do through us for our generation?  Just read the genuine revivals of years gone by from the Word of God and also from Church History.  They occurred under most ungodly conditions.  Study the revivals under, King Josiah, Nehemiah, Hezekiah etc.  Revivals in the midst of societies where there was idolatry of every sort, sexual perversions, violence, rebellion of every sort!  One ought to do some basic research and read about the revivals under John Wesley in the 1700’s, under Charles Finney in the 1800’s, Jeremiah McQuilken in 1859, 1904 Wales under Evan Roberts, In the 1900’s under Jonathan Goforth and John Sung in China, Korea, Pandita Ramabai in India in 1905 etc. Literally, millions of souls were saved by Jesus Christ under those genuine revivals, which occurred in some of the darkest periods and places in history.  As additional benefit to society at large, many places of sinful pleasure were closed down as well as whole police departments having no work to do because of 0% crime in some towns where there was revival!

Going back to the title of the article, “How then should we think and act?”  The following prayer, offered by all of us to the God of all Glory in Heaven should provide the answer to that question: 


O, Lord of Heaven and Earth, thank You for forgiving us of our heinous sins against You. We thank you for your Marvelous Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, please help us to walk in Your love and speak the truth in love and never compromise Your Holy Word. Thank you for giving us the victory over all the powers of darkness through the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God.  Cause us to lift up our heads awaiting the Redemption that draweth nigh.  Use us Lord, to spark a revival in our generation and turn many to your salvation before it is too late, for with Thee all things are possible. In the Name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus, Amen.

© 2010 Pastor Pradeep Emmanuel Stephen

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